Friday, January 24, 2014

A few funny toddler moments as of lately.....

After getting in one of the bathroom vanity drawers where I keep my lady stuff, Riesling found a "pink one" unwrapped it and proudly displayed her new pantiliner "sticker" across the front of her shirt and wore it around the house for several hours.

She calls her glow worm 'Baby' and sings and gently rocks it. I find it so funny because it is meant to soothe her with its lullabies and she is singing over top of the music. She sweetly chooses the songs daddy and I sing to her at bedtime.  She is seriously prepping for her new role as a big sister.

She likes to break out in a dance while eating dinner.  She starts wiggling in her booster seat and bobbing her head, followed by "Dance Mommy, Dance.  Dance Daddy!"  Relentless until we are all bobbing and bouncing along with her. 

She lays with her legs over the arms rests and her head leaning back in her Minnie chair and declares, "Just relaxing Mommy."

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