Friday, February 25, 2011


We agreed that a 'library' space was essential in the new house. After shopping around we acquired 3 nice tall bookshelves . I wanted three to balance out the window on the opposite wall in the living room. Plus we have a ton o' books and in true library fashion wanted to include all our reference and textbooks, along with the novels. Textbooks are big. They take up a lot of space. We definitely need 3 bookshelves. We overestimated. We didn't even fill two of them.

I remember digging through boxes in the basement insistent that there had to be some missing. Nope. It's just that it seemed like we were bursting at the seams with books in our old apartment. Which we probably were, but our new house is about 20x larger so that gives us a little more elbow room to start off with.

The good news is Jim's a read-a-holic. He's in the middle of completing the Modern Library Top 100 Novels and wants to own all of them as well, so it probably won't take too many years to fill up the remain shelves. I've also decided to start bargain hunting this week and have managed to purchase 12 books for less than $30. Not to shabby.

And because talking about bookshelves isn't enough fun, a video for your enjoyment...

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