Monday, February 7, 2011

Star crossed lovers.

This magic machine is just what every coffee lover needs; providing endless, fresh brewed coffee within an instant. Each cup brews in about 30 seconds. It's amazing! I'm actually feeling a little guilty that I didn't give this Christmas gift the proper praise sooner, but will consider it for the better since I feel more informed and experienced in my opinion.

I first experienced the Keurig some time ago. It was limited to one cup and complicated by my first time use coupled with the reusable K-cup basket. The whole thing kinda went by without a thought. A year or more later, after an incredibly long night at the hospital with my dad accompanied by a restless sleep filled with worry, my dearest gal Rachel presented me with a little 'cup' and seconds later I was indulging in the most magnificent taste of warmth and rich coffee flavor against my lips. Three cups later I knew I had fallen in love...

Upon return from Ohio, I started hinting around and making indications of how eternally content I would be if received such a majestic gift from dear old santa. Deep within, I knew this was selfish because I already own a perfectly good coffee maker, even if it does require some effort. I was born and raised in a worker class family. I'm not afraid of a little work at 5 am just so I can have that first god damn beautiful cup of coffee each morning. Not to mention that I'm also a cheap ass and starting thinking that maybe it was the most affordable option for heavy consumer such as myself. And what about the extra waste using an individual plastic cup each time? Dear mother earth don't hate me! I wanted, no I needed this.

Regardless of whatever internal turmoil I was experiencing, come Christmas, Mr. Keurig made his appearance. Santa is a smart man and who I am to argue?

After over a month of use, I'm just as pleased as day one. I quickly got over any issue involving laziness. "Hum. I feel like coffee." No debating about whether or not it's worth making a pot because no one else is home or no one else wants ones. And I hardly ever stop at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts now because I know that it will be just as easy to get a cup at home. It's freakin' awesome! The biggest problem is that due to the effortlessness, I'm compelled to drink coffee all day long when I'm home.

My second biggest concern was the combined issue of the waste and the cost of the individual K-cups. I was advised to check into Green Mountain's monthly membership delivery. Concerning price, it equals out to less than $.50 per cup. Less than even Wawa or Dunkin Donuts on sale. They have a ton of varieties including flavors like chocolate glazed donut and the classic french vanilla, plus travel mug strength, teas, and hot chocolate. The shipping is free with a certain order amount. You can choose the time frame between deliveries according to your consumption, so no worries about getting overstocked. In addition, Green Mountain is also equally concerned about the waste of the K-Cup and working to make improvements. It is in fact, "top priority." If you're equally concerned about your waste production you can read further about what they're working on. If that's not enough for you, purchasing the reusable basket is always an option to cut back on waste, but also cutting back on the major convenience factor.

So, pretty much I have nothing bad to say and love my Keurig the mostest. If you see me on a Saturday afternoon running around in circles in my front lawn it's probably because there was just too much lovin' for one girl and her coffee

p.s. Make sure you buy one of the models with a water reservoir and cup size option.

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