Friday, February 25, 2011

A Journey's End. The Dining Room

I've been avoiding posting the "after" pictures for weeks now. I wanted to get some of the small details taken care of before the grand unveiling. I scratched a few things off my list, but there's still not a single thing hanging on the walls, the curtains aren't steamed, and I'm still hunting for a server/credenza type piece for the barren wall. Who knows when I'll get any of it done, so here you go. The dining room area as of today...

Nichols & Stone Dining room table and 5 chairs: Craigslist $125

The table top definitely needs to be refinished, but it's really solid furniture and the price was right. For the time being it's fine and when we have friends over for dinner I just cover it with a table cloth.
Table: West Elm $349

I originally bought it for the foyer, then moved it to the living room, but have decided that I like it most of all here.

Curtains: Ikea

I don't remember the exact price but Ikea is a great place for cheap curtains. I have 2 panels of the linen color on each side and one panel of lace. The lace are one of my favorite additions in the last week.
Rug: Home depot $197

It's a bit more modern than I had envisioned. The rug I actually wanted was from Pottery Barn, but it would have been almost $1200 for the large size I needed. On a whim we checked at Home Depot and both really liked this one. The colors match nicely and it's not too think for a dining room area.

Sofee is happiest of all.
She love hiding under the table, but hated that there was no rug/carpet there.

Blank Wall.

Searching Craigslist, clearance sales, and thrift stores for a long server/buffet piece and will transform this area to more of a bar area. Not much else to say about a blank wall.

Hutch: Craigslist $300 including delivery

Eventually I want to move all the glasses and bar items to the currently non-existing bar area and display something else here. What I don't know yet. I have way to much space and not enough crap.

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