Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts on a Wednesday.

I received a clementine tree in the mail at work this week. Strange but exciting. We also have a plum and peach tree in our basement from a clearance shopping spree in the Home Depot garden department last year.

I think I'm handling winter really well this year.
But I won't be terribly upset if Spring decides to make an early arrival.
We've had the little flurries, the big foot or more, and now a night of freezing rain.
We can be done now.

Although I'm not a Valentine's Day kind of girl, I think these crayon hearts are really cute and would look nice in my dining room window.

Jim downloaded the new Decemberists albumn, "The King is Dead." I really liked it. But, for some reason I am surprised that 'everyone' else does too. I base this on nothing.

In other music news. I enjoyed listening to the Fresh Air interview with the Black Keys.
And I think they rock.

You should listen to the interview with Jay-Z also.

Just listen to Fresh Air. And make sure you picture Terry Gross in your head. It makes it better.

If you are turning left onto a one way street can you turn left on red?

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