Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I blame this on you.

I bought this headband on clearance way back in the summer. You know. When there is sun. I really like the metallic color and the big flowers that are kinda flat so not too obnoxious. I wore it to work and had a killer headache by the end of the day. Sad. It's been sitting on top of my dresser ever since.

Fast forward to the cold, dark, and desolate snow of winter....

Sunday I was up early finishing Jim's birthday cake, then to spin class, a quick shower, and straight to preparing food for birthday lunch with Jim's family. I got so wrapped up in things that I forgot to do something with my crazy hair. So, at the last minute I decided I could endure the pain of the headband for a few hours.

Surprisingly, I wore it all day into the evening and no headache. And I was so cozy in my favorite scarf and boyfriend cardigan from Target. Happy.


Either my head is smaller.
The headband is bigger.
Or work was/ is the true cause of my headache.

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