Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Day

I didn't get up at 5am. I didn't go to the gym. I didn't even go to work. And I'm not even sick. It's a really long story, one that I probably won't ever share, but it results in my current state of unemployment. I guess it's more a transition to full-time self-employment. The blossoming of my entrepreneurial skills and the death of my long, dreaded commuting days.

I started this blog because of commuting. A place to store all the randomness that swims around in my head while I'm driving solo gulping down coffee. It's funny because Monday I spent my morning drive thinking of all the things I think about while I'm driving. I had this whole long list of things to rambling on about. Now I can't think of one thing. It's going to require me getting up at the break of dawn and driving around the back country roads every morning just to clear my head. That actually sounds nice. I love, love back country roads. Just endless open space and clear air. I think it's going to be time for a trip to Ohio soon, but I'll resist the urge a few more months just to make sure winter has cleared the midwest.

Since today was my first day 'off' I decided to just take a lazy day. Oddly though I still made a 'To Do' list (maybe I have a little misunderstanding about about laziness!). I got my haircut with all the old ladies, went to Ikea with all the moms and their kids, then had spin class with all the men who apparently have ugly secretaries and are there to stare at the hot teacher and not really to work out. Honestly, I thought the guy next to me was going to straight pass out, the guy to my left didn't even try to exert himself, and the guy in front of me was sweating Jack Daniels from Happy Hour. I think the instructor was well aware of the situation, she even left the lights on and made sure to do a lot of giggling. I can't blame her. I will admit to using my feminine qualities for job security. Overall, it was just weird being 'around' during the day.

I've been psyched for my haircut for weeks now because I set my mind to getting bangs. Thanks to having bad hair for over half my life, I'm not very daring with my hair styles. Bangs are a big deal. I think my hairstylists was more afraid of giving me bangs than I was to ask for them. I don't not like the new style but the 'bangs' are more of shorter layer and not so much full out bangs. I normally wouldn't, but I'm considering going back. What do think?




Sarah said...

You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Love the bangs! All mine fell out after I had Caroline (sniff, sniff) and I absolutely can't wait for them to grow in again!