Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Clean Shave

One of the first things I do when cold weather sets in is stop shaving my legs. What? Inappropriate you say? Well, no one is forcing you to read this, so feel free to waste your time elsewhere.

Anyways...after a week or so it's not stubbly or rough and starts to grow in nicely as an extra layer of warmth for the dreaded winter ahead. Plus it saves me a ridiculous amount of time. Shaving is so freakin' annoying, especially when your legs are approximately 80% of your body surface. For the most part no one sees my legs and even when I wear skirts or dresses to work, which is often enough, I wear tights and typically tall boots, so no one knows the difference. Not shaving my legs is about the only positive thing I have to say about winter...

Tonight I made an exception. For Christmas Jim and his brother wanted to get my mother-in-law a 'day at the spa' as her gift. Jim had to beg me to go along with her because what spa day is fun when you're alone. Such torture! A massage, facial , AND pedicure. The things I do to keep this marriage going.

For such a special occasion I evened shaved my toes. Yep, my toes. Such a weird thing, but once you start it's nearly impossible to stop. I know the exact time and place that it all started....

Sophomore year of high school, track season. There were so many girls with shin splints that Coach Funkhouser (that was really her name) paired us up to tape each other arches. My partner was Heather O'Donnell, an upper classman. One remark along the lines of..."you don't shave your toes!?" was all it took. It was just the tone of her if EVERYONE else on earth obviously shaved the little hairs on their toes. Who am I to argue with a wise Junior? So, that night I went home and shaved my toes. And I have been cursed with the task ever since.

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Kim said...

I don't shave my legs in the winter either and I haven't since high school. That must have been when I was old enough to realize it was a total waste of time. :)