Friday, October 29, 2010

An arranged marriage

I received a birthday card at work yesterday (which is really odd because I don't know why anyone would have that address). Enclosed was this...

This is prime example of how wrong I was about life at 30. Obviously if I wasn't married by the terribly old age of 30, I would have to resort to an arranged marriage. And my requirement...make a lot of money and be a caring husband. Seems reasonable?!

In case you're having trouble with the math, I was 16 in 1996. Doug Marsh was a good friend. He was actually my first date. My mother made an exception and let me go on my first date when I was 15, even though the rule was no dating until I was 16. Doug's mom worked at the post office and he was from a good family. But, I decided that I didn't like him "like that" and we remained friends for a lot of years after that. We lost touched in college and I haven't spoken to him in a really long time. I still am somewhat puzzled with how he managed to find me? He was a always a resourceful fellow.

In other birthday happenings...

Jim and I are heading to the South Philly Tap Room after work for drinks and a late lunch. I've requested pumpkin carving, wine, and vinyl records for the evenings festivities. I'm rockin' a polka dot sweater today. Polka dots seem youthful.

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Liz said...

great blast from the past!!! wonder what doug IS up to these days????!