Monday, October 18, 2010

i heart fall.

Last weekend was such perfect weather! We had a great weekend complete with 2 popcorn nights (we make the best popcorn if I do say so myself!), a squash feast on Sunday, a cool crisp hike with Sofee dog, and plenty of home renovations. I'm happy to report that at a glance, in one room, from one angle it looks like a normal house! Next weekend....cross your kitchen floors!!!!

Our weekends are so jammed packed and the sun seems to be disappearing pretty early these days, so we decided to head out to the park early and bring along a breakfast picnic. Out of convenience we stopped at Einstein Bros Bagels. We had never had breakfast there, but I had experienced a turkey sandwich on a bagel with veggie cream cheese there in the past, which was quite yummy. We have vowed to never go there for breakfast again!!
They basically microwave their breakfast sandwiches and didn't even toast the bagel! It was all soggy and mushy. I could've just went to Dunkin Donuts and paid half the price. Plus, it was a complete madhouse. Next time we'll opt for Manhatten Bagel were they make the eggs & sausage on a griddle and make an excellent breakfast sandwich (I prefer the wrap myself...neither of which are gluten free)
Tyler State Park. 10.17.10


The best dog ever.

At least it's clever grafitti

Go Phillies!!

Stay tuned for delicious Squash Feast recipes....

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Jack said...

I totally agree with you that fall is the best, I heart it as well. This fall was a little bit less enjoyable for me because we were doing a little bit of home remodeling so we didn't have a whole lot of time to get out and see the beauties of nature. I definitely won't let that happen again this coming fall.